THOR decentralized digital one-stop application sy

THOR Chain is a public chain for THOR digital applications and decentralized ecosystem services, a service platform for developing and deploying decentralized blockchain applications and a multi-participating ecosystem. That is, a development framework for decentralized blockchain applications can be built. Through this portal, developers can connect existing systems and services with blockchains such as Ethereum and Superbooks to realize blockchain application functions and business. logic.

THOR is aiming at the blockchain application market. Blockchain technology can bring new changes to the lives of enterprises and people. At present, the application and exploration of blockchains are everywhere. Everything around us will become smart, transparent and true in the future. Whether it is the use of transportation, logistics, social welfare, cultural and medical education, education, etc., because of the blockchain technology, it will bring more convenience to people's lives. People don't have to waste time parking, no need to worry about buying fakes, asset management is safer, payment methods are more convenient, and smart cities in the future will bring us a lot of joy.

Future market forecast

By 2021, the application market will grow to $6.3 trillion and the user base will nearly double to 6.3 billion. At an average annual rate of 37%, it reached $1.3 trillion in 2016. 10% of them come from in-app purchases and virtual goods, while virtual goods themselves are exponentially growing, with the mobile app market growing by 270%, from $70 billion in 2015 to $189 billion in 2020. The blockchain market has grown from $18.3 billion at the beginning of the year to $581 billion at the beginning of 2018. The market has grown by more than 2,500%. It is expected that by 2020, the blockchain market will reach a market size of $2 trillion.


THOR Tool is free for developers

To meet this market prospect, THOR Digital Application Systems developed the THOR Tool to provide developers with APIs, SDKs, blockchain tools, and development solutions to help developers develop DApps at THOR Chain. At the same time, it provides tools and node services for the mainstream POS public chain ecosystem. THOR will plan and integrate free finance, commercial connectivity, consumer capital, application landing and internet freedom. In this process, a decentralized free ecology will be created, and each user can completely get rid of the centralization restrictions. THOR will be a balanced, positive and cyclical blockchain ecosystem!


The ecological development of THOR digital one-stop application system is expandable, and the platform service field is not limited to finance, social, and application. The THOR team's independent research and development THOR Chain main chain is fully capable, achieving a full ecological stability and high expansion demand, laying a solid foundation for future ecological development in more fields around the world.