THOR goes from source to payment to care for you e

The blockchain is pushing the technology, framework, efficiency and mode of the entire real economy with a new mindset and technology architecture. How to implement the blockchain technology under this aura, how to be highly empowered in the real economy has always been The focus of attention in the industry!

The traditional traceability industry faces the problems of simple traceability and easy tampering in the intermediate links. With the help of blockchain technology, the information integration process of commodity raw materials, the process of production, the process of commodity circulation, and the sales process are integrated into the blockchain. Effectively ensure the authenticity of the data to achieve full traceability of the entire process.


Blockchain and liquor industry

The traceability of the blockchain has become one of the races that include Internet giants such as Ali and JD. Whether it is a frequent food safety issue or an opaque public welfare donation, the truth of the source and process is extremely important. In recent years, the wine industry's supervision of the product manufacturing process and the transparency of the sales process have increased, and the blockchain technology service platform including IBM has begun to explore how to combine blockchain technology with the liquor industry.

The liquor market is a huge potential industry. As the economy and consumption levels continue to rise, people's interest in high-end liquor is growing, especially in China's long-established wine culture, which makes people have a natural dependence on liquor. Due to the particularity of liquor, such as the complexity of the production process, the accumulation of Chen Fang years, the quality of raw materials, making some high-end liquors expensive.

But this does not affect the consumer's pursuit of a good bottle of wine, a bottle of good wine can also reflect the taste of wine tasting. For some wines with collectible value, "fidelity" is even more important, and stealing the column or the product of the wrong version not only brings losses to the consumers, but also has a certain impact on the business, such as Loss of customers, credit reduction, etc.

THOR from traceability to payment

THOR's anti-counterfeiting and identification for traditional wine industry can only pass the certification certificate of the authoritative organization, or rely on the identification card given by the merchant, and the authenticity of the certificate can not guarantee the industry pain point, and propose a solution. Firstly, based on the blockchain technology, the traceability information of the goods is chained, the information of the goods source is determined, the quality of the goods is identified by the authoritative organization, the certificate is uploaded, the consumer trust and the market are affirmed; and the processing process and production information of the product pass through the zone. The blockchain decentralized database is preserved to effectively prevent information tampering and counterfeit infiltration. For such special commodities, circulation links, processing information and place of origin also have important reference significance for the pricing of commodities.

THOR digital financial one-stop system using blockchain technology can effectively prevent merchants from shoddy and privately raising prices, ensuring a healthy and orderly market environment; it can play an important reference role in the subsequent realization of commodity realization. Based on the traceability of the blockchain, the wine trading is more transparent and the transaction is faster and more efficient.


Compared with traditional traceability and anti-counterfeiting, THOR has the advantage of decentralized blockchain technology. Because it does not depend on an organization or individual, it can publicly record the circulation process of liquor raw materials and brewing and processing in THOR. On the public chain, thus establishing its unique identity in the Internet world, and can not be tampered with. It is certified in a variety of ways, including certificate, photo, voice, video, 3D scanning information and other media information.


The more expensive the item, the more important it is. For merchants or personal agents, pictures, videos, etc. are on the chain, which not only guarantees the truth, but also satisfies the curiosity of consumers. In addition, merchants determine product ownership through the chain, and can also be used for financing or bank loans (electronic deposit) based on the chain.


For the C-end, traceability can also increase the added value of the product, and part of it avoids the big hole of the "out-of-door". In addition, it can record the age and increase the cultural value, and can also obtain the exclusive mark of the exclusive owner.

THOR Chain complete ecology

In addition, THOR Real based on THOR Chain is a perfect blockchain credit system. The consensus mechanism is used to record the user's credit value in the blockchain. Users can improve their credit through daily good operational behavior. value. Similarly, the user's bad credit behavior will also be recorded forever in the blockchain, and the credit value will be deducted as a penalty. Therefore, the merchants in the THOR store are in a complete ecology, and the quality of the products produced will naturally be guaranteed.