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A pleasant October holiday away from us, telling you a sad story, that is, all holidays in 2019 have ended. Let's take a small holiday again on New Year's Day in 2020! As a practitioner in the blockchain industry, many small partners go home to compare the marriage of other small partners. How to explain what the blockchain is is also a problem! THOR digital financial one-stop application system, with blockchain technology as the underlying support, perfectly reflects its multiple application directions. To understand what role the blockchain has, THOR will help you get it!

01 Financial services

Blockchain can just fill the gaps in the traditional financial industry by virtue of its inability to tamper with, openness and transparency, which has also enabled the blockchain to rapidly develop in the financial services sector. For example, Ping An has launched asset trading and credit reporting on blockchain applications, and Bank of China has launched an inter-bank credit system. So why is the blockchain favored in the financial sector?

The first is because of the advantages of the decentralized nature of the blockchain. In traditional financial institutions, such as banks, Dabai wants to transfer money to Xiaohei. He needs to go through the confirmation of the central institution bank to transfer the money to Xiaohei. In the blockchain network, Dabai does not need to go through the bank. It is possible to transfer the money to Xiaohei, which not only improves the efficiency of the transaction, but also saves the transaction cost to some extent.


THOR digital financial one-stop application system, using the open transparency of the blockchain, to trust. Protecting the security of users' funds in real-life financial services, the user's entire operation is open and transparent, and the mechanism and the platform itself can be guaranteed credit.


And THOR digital financial one-stop application system, with strong encryption technology, can effectively protect the security of financial institutions users. For example, multi-signature and double-chain parallel technology can prevent fraud and repeated payment. And users can view their real pool of funds anytime, anywhere, and no money will disappear without being visible.

02 Game industry

With the continuous development of the game industry, users' demands for the ownership of game virtual assets are getting higher and higher, and blockchain games have emerged.

Blockchain game advantages:

  1. Assets on the chain: Under the blockchain technology, once the assets in the game are on the chain, all the game coins and virtual props in the game can be attributed to the player's blockchain address, which means the player is under the address. All assets have ownership and control. Compared with the traditional centralized game, the user's ownership of the game assets is greatly improved.

  2. Decentralization: The rules of traditional game games are all set by the government. Game developers have absolute control over the rules of the game and the rules are opaque. Based on blockchain-based games, game developers present key rules in the form of smart contracts on the blockchain, and the rules are open and transparent to the player.

  3. Asset appreciation: After the virtual items in the game are chained, the virtual assets will be unique, which means that the virtual items will have scarcity attributes and can be continuously appreciated.

Based on the current market demand, THOR Eco is based on the principle of making users and game manufacturers' interests consistent, and uses its own blockchain technology to help traditional game developers connect the game to the blockchain, and also welcomes more developers to the zone. Blockchain games are connected to the THOR ecosystem to promote ecological development.

03 Cultural entertainment

In recent years, copyright issues such as music, pictures, and literary works have gradually become hot issues in the society. The copyright issue in the cultural and entertainment industry has always had problems such as the difficulty of ensuring power, serious piracy, and poor openness. What effect would it have if blockchain technology was applied to copyright issues?


For a song, if the original person applied for the copyright of the song, but because of the existence of the centralization mechanism! The storage is unsafe, undisclosed, and vulnerable to profit. The copyright may be tampered with by others, which may damage the rights of the song creator. If the digital and copyright information of the song is recorded on THOR, With the advantages of blockchain's openness and transparency and tamper-proof modification, it is possible to avoid the malicious tampering of copyright information.

04 Only need one THOR to get the elders

In fact, not only that, blockchain has begun to emerge in all walks of life, and THOR digital financial one-stop application system involves a lot of fields, the above is just from the perspective of parents and elders to select some related to their lives, and easy to understand Three aspects are elaborated! In any case, the era of blockchain is coming, it is coming, it is coming to us along the wave of trends, let us wait for the arrival of a better life!