THOR digital financial one-stop application system


Jiujiu Chongyang Festival

The Double Ninth Festival was formed as early as the Warring States Period, and it was officially designated as a folk festival in the Tang Dynasty. Both Chongyang and the third day of March are "family", and all the relatives of Chongyang must rise together to "avoid disasters".

For the ancients, it is a disaster-free life to have a good life, a good fortune, and good health. But for us living in the modern era, we are full of food and clothing, and physical health is the most basic requirement of life.


THOR Digital Finance One-Stop Application System

At a time when technology is rapidly developing, people hope to create more value in a limited time, because then we will have more time to spend with our family. But often the tedious work, as well as the triviality of daily life, make us squandered and exhausted.

For today's society, in the spare time, choosing financial management and investment is the most common operation. How to make your digital assets safe, efficient, and targeted? Financial products such as a few treasures, as much as a hair, which is the best for you? Which is the most reliable platform. Valuable information is always in the hands of a few people! It is difficult for ordinary people to make the best choices in the first place!

THOR was originally designed to develop the THOR Chain backbone and build a balanced, active, and cyclical blockchain ecosystem based on the backbone. Focusing on the blockchain industry, we are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecosystem. Key features include asset management, financial services, cross-chain payments, POS revenue, P2P lending, and DApp eco portal. In the future, users only need to use the THOR digital application system to experience all the functions of the blockchain ecosystem, and truly realize the one-stop blockchain ecological application platform.

THOR Asset Replacement Platform

Value reserve as the foundation of digital assets is also one of the most basic demand functions of users, and the value reflects the liquidity of assets. As digital assets are currently in the early stage of development, compared with the traditional application, some of the application scenarios are missing, resulting in poor liquidity. The problem, and the application scenario construction takes a certain amount of time to accumulate, it is difficult to change in a short time.

Therefore, the THOR asset replacement platform provides users with asset replacement services. It is not limited to the replacement between digital assets and digital assets. It can also be replaced with circulation currency and screen the best replacement transaction pairs for users. This will help users to quickly circulate and generate value in the financial investment market.