THOR Digital Application System Constructs Contrac

On September 26th, at the ant block chain ecological summit, Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Group and president of intelligent technology business group, said: "We are rapidly entering the era of digital economy, information, assets, etc. are digitized, all walks of life All are digital, in the process, we see the trend of digital assetization, blockchain is making digital assets credible.Smart contracts play a major role in the blockchain, promoting the cooperation of people, machines and institutions to build a contract society.

Cross-chain protocol
The era of digital economy is coming to us at a rapid speed. This is a trend that cannot be ignored. Blockchain technology can truly make digital assets a credible flow! This is also the meaning of the THOR digital application system. THOR Chain uses a relay contract to connect different main chains directly to the THOR Chain for all main chains supporting smart contracts. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of each cross-chain transaction, each cross-chain trading contract must be hashed and verified on the chain to ensure the correctness of the transaction.
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Replacement network
Only 0 error can make users really feel at ease. Not only that, THOR digital application system is also based on THOR-EX, a smart contract network developed by THOR Chain. THOR-EX builds huge transaction depth by capturing all transaction information in the world. After the user initiates the asset replacement request, THOR-EX will automatically filter out the global optimal trading pair, and lock the assets of the two parties through the smart contract. After the two parties reach a consensus, the transaction will start, and the smart contract will ensure that the assets of the two parties are not affected. loss.

Digital asset payment interface
In addition, based on the THOR Chain Smart Contract, the THOR-API interface has also been developed. Developers of all enterprises or merchants do not need to master the blockchain technology to complete the payment interface access work, and give the enterprise or merchant the ability to pay and collect digital assets. Accelerate the THOR eco-application scenario and quickly reach the world.

Come into being
The future world belongs to the world of science and technology. If you want to find the most breakthrough and most valuable research results of this century in these scientific research achievements, then the non-blockchain technology is the only one, the THOR digital application system came into being, and With a strong technical level that matches the needs of this era, it will surely become a leader in the torrent of the times.