THOR strong, strong and strong, fearless market up

Market plunging
This morning's plunging market has caused many people to take precautions. Many experts have said that this may be the last chance to get on the bus in 2019! The last drop before the halving of the bull market came as expected. The last round of bull market started in October 2015. This round rose 6 months to April, and it was too long to be halved. Therefore, the middle support could not be sustained. It was justifiable to drop a wave!
 Policy direction
As an investor who continues to pay attention to the blockchain field, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the currency market, but also to fully focus on the policy orientation in the entire industry, which will help us to make the right investment direction in advance! At the Digital Finance Sub-forum of the 10th New Moganshan Conference (2019 Autumn Forum) on September 20th, the launching ceremony of the Digital Currency Dictionary was held. The dictionary was initiated by the Digital Economics Laboratory, and the professional institutes such as the National Research Institute of Thought, the Tsinghua University, the Digital Assets Research Institute, and the Babitian Think Tank were the main editors. "Dictionary" is a joint expert, scholar and authority to conduct a survey of conceptual terms in the field of digital currency, determine the Chinese name of the standard and the corresponding English translation, and add definitions to regulate and unify the digital currency field through official guidance and social influence. The vocabulary used.

The role of the Dictionary is self-evident, and it is hoped that more people will be able to understand digital currency and blockchain technology through this kind of reference book. The Dictionary uses open source collaborative forms for the preparation of terms, edited by authoritative organizations and experts, and printed and published by the China Development Publishing House, a central-level publishing house directly under the State Council Development Research Center. The greatest emphasis on an area is to understand it, learn it, and support its development. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the continuous direction of the blockchain field!

How to judge
Bull market speculation, bear market ambush, selection project is extremely important. To know that when they regressed to the previous bull market, the investors who chose the right project have realized the freedom of wealth. The reason why everyone keeps abreast of policy news is because we can quickly identify high-quality projects while broadening our horizons, instead of just judging whether to invest from a token model (price)!

微信图片_20190925185423.jpgStrong Hengqiang
Because no matter how the market changes, the strong and strong are always the same truth. From the initial stepping into the blockchain field, the THOR digital application system takes the market pain point as the entry point, finds its own positioning, accelerates the improvement of the blockchain technology and the application landing!
THOR Chain uses a seven-tier architecture: the encryption layer, the data layer, the network layer, the consensus layer, the incentive layer, the contract layer, and the application layer. Based on the blockchain technology, the main chain system provides security and anonymity guarantee. Aiming at the high risk and high demand for digital trading in the global market. Continuously improve THOR's own storage security factor, as well as a variety of storage methods!


Double storage on chain/chain
THOR adopts the chain/chain double storage technology. All the data on the chain needs to pass the security audit. After the security audit, the data is AES symmetrically encrypted and uploaded to the THOR Chain main network storage, and the certificate is bound to ensure the security of information exchange. . The key data hardware storage, through the hardware to ensure that the data will never be directly connected to the network, while the hardware embedded program quality and vulnerability monitoring, all abnormal information will be prompted. All-round protection of the security of digital finance.
Welcome to the bull market
Really valuable, projects with usage scenarios in the future are worthy of ambush in the bear market, continue to pay attention to the THOR digital application system, and welcome the bull market!