THOR contributes to the global economic digitaliza

THOR Digital Application System Helps Global Economy Digitalization

At the 5th Global Block Summit of 2019 held on the 18th, Xiao Feng, vice chairman of Wanxiang Holdings, said: The new generation of digital financial system requires blockchain and digital currency. The digital economy can be understood as data-driven, modelling data and programming processes.The characteristics of blockchain technology are cross-border, cross-organizational, cross-temporal, distributed, self-organizing, decentralized, refactoring business underlying logic and improving business marginal effects.

Digital technology is to cross the time and space, cross-culture, and vertically penetrate the market level and horizontally shorten the entire industrial chain. The core of digital finance is peer-to-peer payment clearing and non-guaranteed transaction settlement. Blockchain and digital currency are currently the best technical solutions. If a blockchain project application cannot satisfy the three characteristics of the blockchain technology, then the blockchain technique may not be applied. When economic globalization 2.0 develops into individual globalization, it becomes necessary to use a point-to-point payment method.


Taking global payment as an example, in international trade, traditional wire transfer payments need to go through multiple agencies such as remittance banks, central banks, correspondent banks, and collection banks. Each institution has its own accounting system and clearing system, and different institutions. There is a need to establish an agency relationship between each transaction; each transaction in cross-border payment needs to be recorded not only at the bank, but also with the counterparty for fund clearing and reconciliation, which leads to slow processing of business in cross-border payment. Intermediate settlement costs are high, payment efficiency is low, and there is still considerable payment risk.


THOR Digital Application System

(Powering the digital train for the global economy)

For the THOR digital application system, the emergence of the problem is an opportunity! THOR has always been pursued to make global payments more free and flexible, and to make financial activities faster and more convenient. THOR strives to develop THOR API interface based on THOR Chain main chain while realizing global real-time transfer payment. Digital asset collection can be performed and the legal currency can be converted in real time according to demand.


Not only that, but THOR has created a platform for users to get a portion of the funds for their activities without any loss of existing funds. Users can manage and finance through THOR, and have more flexible financial services than traditional financial institutions. The THOR digital application system includes: asset management, financial services, cross-chain payment, POS revenue, P2P lending, DApp ecological portal and many other ecosystems, which coincides with the needs of the new generation of digital financial systems for the development of blockchain technology. ! 

 THOR digital application system and the decentralized ecological service public chain, focusing on multi-chain cross-chain management and multi-platform application ecological construction, with security, easy development, high performance and high intelligence. Reconstructed the underlying logic of the business and improved the marginal effects of business. In the future, THOR will surely follow the digitized trains of the world economy and thrive!