THOR Digital Application System Development Plan

THOR, launched by CHAIN MALL FOINDATION LTD, is built to solve the multi-chain cross-chain management and multi-platform application ecosystem. Rich ecological construction, expandable modular design, and the free ecology of global service, are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecological platform.

The THOR chain is based on the THOR Chain main chain to create a balanced, positive and cyclic blockchain ecosystem. Focusing on the blockchain industry, we are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecosystem.

THOR allocation scheme

And specific distribution ratio

THOR allocation plan:

Chinese: THOR Digital Application System

English: THOR Digital Application System

The THOR Token token has a constant total of 990 million.

The specific distribution ratio is as follows:

8% Early contributors 8%: including participating investors and institutions;

12 12% of operations: for community building and promotion;

Node rewards 15%: used to reward the Super Festival;

15 15% of the founding team: 5% released in the first year, and the rest will be released in batches during the four-year lock-up period;

10 10% of development funds: for THOR main network development and business ecological construction;

Mining rewards 40%: used to reward users involved in ecological construction.

THOR Digital Application System

development plan


Established a blockchain laboratory and started to develop the THOR Chain public chain


Publish THOR White Paper

THOR login to BiKi trading platform


THOR Chain turns on the main network test

THOR Real System Deployment

Establish a developer community


THOR Chain main online line

THOR Chain SuperNode released

THOR Fince system deployment

THOR loan platform released

THOR KYC system online


Release THOR Chain Visualization Blockchain Browser

THOR Store system deployment

THOR Mall system deployment

THOR Game system deployment


THOR API open interface release

THOR Chain cross-chain trading module to open the test

THOR contract address