THOR Chain Financial freedom

THOR Chain

( Financial freedom)

Financial management has always been an important part of the traditional financial industry. With the increasing popularity of digital assets, some investors believe that digital assets are worthy of long-term investment. Users need a platform to ensure that funds are available for turnover without any loss of existing funds. THOR Chain serves as the backbone of THOR's digital finance applications. Focusing on the blockchain industry, we are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecosystem. THOR Chain is a public chain established for decentralized transactions, born for financial freedom, and is an innovative definition of the blockchain industry. The biggest breakthrough of THOR Chain is to solve the problem of real financial application and create a new generation of decentralized financial system.

Election chain + transaction chain

("Double chain parallelism")

 THOR Chain has a unique approach to creating a “double-chain parallel” solution, the double chain – the electoral chain + the trading chain. THOR Chain supports decentralized trading functions. Use asset chaining, chain trading, chain matching and asset control to return users to provide users with a safe and transparent infrastructure system. At the same time, THOR Chain supports the Nuggets Planet Consensus, which can achieve second-level trading. Confirm the characteristics.

The THOR digital application system enhances the performance of the blockchain system while ensuring decentralized and secure systems. In terms of consensus mechanism, THOR designed a hybrid consensus mechanism for PoW+PBFT. The double-chain architecture of the electoral chain + transaction chain was built. The smart contract platform adopts the JAVA virtual machine and also supports the JAVA language, which reduces the development threshold of smart contracts. Through this design, THOR is expected to solve the scalability problem of the blockchain.


THOR Digital Application System

(Supplier and server of smart contracts)

"Double-chain" complements each other, using community consensus, review, crowdfunding, public intelligence and other means to ensure the credibility and legal regulation of smart contract production, using blockchain confirmation, deposit and fuel currency mechanisms to encourage participation in the ecosystem. Contribution and customization; adopting open governance rules to automatically realize the equity distribution and process management of the ecosystem, and form a credible compliance smart contract by supporting the formal verification and testing of smart contracts, becoming a variety of downstream blockchain project intelligence The supplier and service provider of the contract.

The THOR community also supports open source intelligence to generate a variety of service software tools, so that the application tool chain can be extended to the two ends of the community as a core, forming a tool chain, constantly updating more and more advanced technology applications.