According to official sources: At 15:00 on September 16th, 2019, the THOR digital application system of the Microlink Group will hold the THOR Digital Application System Launch Conference in the Shenzhen community, sharing friendship with the users and looking forward to the future! At the same time, we will officially open the registration and recharge of the Nuggets Planet Project. Focus on and choose with more practical actions.

Micro-Golden Alliance - High-tech Industry

Shenzhen Weilian Jinmeng E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million (paid). It is a business engaged in modern Internet of Things, Mobile Internet (MI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Smart Contract. Core underlying technology (BD), intelligent consumer mall platform, Internet financial innovation digital asset payment mechanism and other technologies and patented high-tech industrial companies

THOR-Digital Financial Integration

It covers 13 industries and integrates big data economic operation management, professionalism and independent integration. It is a high-tech enterprise that boldly changes the new retail model, thoroughly breaks through the circulation link, solves all kinds of consumption pain points, and creates an intelligent circulation model of ecological business cycle big data.

THOR has always adhered to a professional investment style and global layout, adopting a five-in-one project rating system, starting from the feasibility of the token economy and technology, paying attention to the project's community influence and the quality of the team's entrepreneurs; from THOR From the perspective of ecological development, we screen out the most promising blockchain projects, enhance THOR's global influence, and create an open global public chain ecosystem.

Based on the main chain, THOR has become a balanced, active and cyclical blockchain ecosystem, a digital financial one-stop application system. Focusing on the blockchain industry, we are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecosystem.

Nuggets planet - grand debut

The Nuggets Planet was launched by CHAIN MALL FOINDATION LTD, a team of professional managers, traders and analysts. In order to realize the reliable blockchain service supported by simple, fast and multi-scenario, Nuggets has made a series of perfect design and innovation in the network bottom layer, technical architecture and account system.

Designed to provide a kind of equity for business users, safer, simpler and faster multi-scenario, mall consumption, agency management, entity landing, franchise, mobile payment, intelligent circulation system industry investment, capital operation support, Trusted blockchain underlying services and multi-level digital asset distribution channels.

Innovative technology - leading the financial dividend

Technology empowers financial innovation, 10+ industry big coffee, 15+ global club, 20+ alliance consensus 300+ global community support. Microlink and the Singapore Foundation have teamed up to create an ecosystem of links to digital assets and the global economy.

Sustainable recycling ecology

Sustainable recycling ecology

Black hole account

A black hole account is a special public address. This address is generated when the system is started. This address does not have a corresponding private key, so no one can use it. It is guaranteed that the transferred asset cannot be operated, and the part of the asset is permanently locked. Achieve the purpose of destruction.

Destruction mechanism

THOR Ecosystem has a complete destruction mechanism. A part of all profits in the ecology will be used to repurchase the tokens circulating in the market. At the same time, the handling fees generated by the ecological application will continue to be destroyed, and all the tokens will be transferred to the black hole account. Achieve the goal of permanent destruction and publicize it to achieve a sustainable recycling ecosystem.

Construction Steps


  • Industrial value upgrade

    Ecosystem construction

    International regulation

    Scenario construction

    Technical service

  • Financial application ecology

    Side chain construction

    Project introducing

    Chip industry construction

  • Main network construction

    Issue token based on Ethereum

    Blockchain wallet development

    Main chain blockchain infrastructure construction

Building a THOR global ecosystem

Based on financial ecological construction, THOR serves global users, foundations, institutions and enterprises to quickly realize the application of blockchain and improve the current global financial system, so that more people can enjoy the convenience brought by blockchain technology.


THOR Financial Eco Incubator


  • Public Chain

    THOR Chain adopts a seven-layer architecture with strong basic performance and expansion capabilities. At the same time, the underlying multi-chain structure breaks through the performance bottleneck of traditional single-chain architecture. TPS is expected to reach more than one million, meeting the high concurrency and low latency requirements of the financial industry. .

  • Cross Chain

    THOR adopts cross-chain contract technology and sidechain mapping technology, which enables THOR Chain to support not only other digital assets, but also other assets such as legal currency, equity, copyright and other non-digital assets can be linked to the chain through the sidechain mapping technology. broad.

Financial industry credit information sharing data


  • Access Security

    The distributed storage based on data center can effectively resist auditing, tampering, and unauthorized access.

  • Data Encryption

    The data owner retains full control over the encryption key, which limits access to data by others.

  • Data Security

    Through various data backup and disaster recovery technologies and measures, data in cloud storage can be guaranteed not lost, ensuring the security and stability of cloud storage itself.

THOR system platform


  • Asset Management System - THOR Token

    Asset Management System - THOR Token

    One-stop asset management system, safe, comprehensive and efficient

  • Ecological Construction Tool System - THOR Tool

    Ecological Construction Tool System - THOR Tool

    Provide the most comprehensive tool support for blockchain ecosystems

  • Asset Replacement System - THOR Ex

    Asset Replacement System - THOR Ex

    Multi-asset replacement system that allows assets to flow and achieve value

  • Enterprise Service System - THOR SaaS

    Enterprise Service System - THOR SaaS

    For the traditional enterprise "chain change" blessing, to achieve overtaking

  • Asset Management Intelligence Hardware - THOR Card

    Asset Management Intelligence Hardware - THOR Card

    Safer blockchain hardware that stores more than just assets

THOR Ecological Application Landing


Global commercial service platform

As an emerging technology, blockchain has its unique decentralized, non-tamperable and traceable features and a certain degree of conformity with e-commerce. The impact of blockchain on e-commerce business is multi-dimensional, solve the trust problem between e-commerce platform and users, and reconstruct e-commerce ecology.

Decentralized blockchain application store

Based on THOR cross-chain technology, the single platform supports multi-chain DApp, and provides users with the most realistic usage data to help users find the applications they need.

Decentralized financial service platform

Provide users with safe, fast and convenient financial services, speed up the turnover of funds, maximize the value of idle funds, and use blockchain technology to ensure that every capital transaction is recorded in the blockchain and cannot be tampered with.

Decentralized game open platform

Based on the current market demand, THOR Eco uses the principle of its own blockchain technology to assist traditional game developers to access the game into the blockchain based on the principle of aligning the interests of users and game makers.

Decentralized credit system

Committed to creating a multi-dimensional, fair and transparent blockchain user credit standard. In the future, THOR Real will cooperate with more blockchain projects to provide more dimensional data support for credit value judgments, making credit value more accurate.